NEI Congress 2021 – Focus on Education in a Fun and Interactive Style

The Neuroscience Education Institution (NEI) Congress 2021 just keeps getting bigger and better. At the 2021 NEI Congress there was even more education that is built upon the principles of adult education, meaning that there were lots of surprises, lots of fun, the latest cutting-edge information from committed and engaged faculty members who truly care about the education of its attendees, and last but not least, plenty of resources available to get questions answered and learn new things.

This year’s Congress was extra special because it was the first time in 2 years that it offered attendees a live experience of the event, in addition to a virtual one.

For live attendees, COVID-19 guidelines were able to be strictly followed thanks to the size of the exhibit hall and main meeting room, allowing plenty of extra room to spread out and stay safe. The emphasis for the NEI Congress is putting forth an educational, fun, and interactive experience. The NEI Congress prides itself on its tremendous virtual platform that allowed virtual attendees to still experience a rich education within a fun and interactive format. This platform featured poster sessions and a social lounge where discussions could take place between members and faculty.

This year there were 3 pre-conference workshops that featured lectures from outstanding faculty in the field – the child and adolescent psychiatry workshop, the forensic psychiatry workshop, and the recreational drug use workshop. Topics among these included optimizing pediatric care in challenging times, treatment updates on pediatric ADHD, pediatric mood disorders, and one that NEI hasn’t had in a long time was a discussion on autism – a very hot topic right now.

There were a lot of new faculty members which expanded through diversity of gender, race, and educational and/or professional background. These members brought new and exciting topics of discussions with timely and relevant themes in mental health.

The main conference meeting featured novel topics including mental health care for transgender and gender diverse people, questions around prescribing benzodiazepines, and an interview with the author of Hidden Valley Road, among other highly anticipated topics.

The Forensic Academy part of the conference was filled with controversial topics, such as criminalization of mental illness, how to detect malingering, assessment and management of stalking, and more.

The attendee-favorite “Focusers” are short videos, usually fun, but sometimes serious, that relate to a particular lecture were also featured in the conference. “Focusers” are usually played before or in between a topic and serve to help audience members get focused for that discussion.

One of the top things that sets the NEI Congress apart from other popular CME conferences is its commitment to educating its member in a fun and interactive manner – referred to as “edu-tainment,”a name termed by one of the faculty members. Faculty are trained on how to be participant-and-learner-focused so that members can really take what they have learned and apply it within their own lives.

Be on the lookout for recaps of some of the sessions we’ve selected to provide you.