ConferenceInsider™ Featured Conference

American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting

A Virtual Experience

May 1-3, 2021

ConferenceInsider™ Featured Conference

ConferenceInsider – in association with – is pleased to announce its coverage of the American Psychiatric Association Annual 2021 Meeting, Saturday, May 1 through Monday, May 3.

ConferenceInsider will bring you American Psychiatric Association (APA) conference session recaps, so you can explore cutting-edge developments in psychiatry and subspecialties of psychiatry, breakthrough scientific research, and enlightening expert perspectives.

During this 3-day meeting, ConferenceInsider will highlight educational sessions focused on schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder. Additional coverage will dive into critical and timely topics that reflect the APA 2021 Annual Meeting theme: Finding Equity Through Advances in Mind & Brain in Unsettled Times.

As explained in an APA statement, this year’s theme directly reflects the world’s slow but steady walk toward a new normal marked by a “pandemic of mental illness” that will likely persist long after COVID-19 infections subside.

“To move forward, we must place an emphasis on increasing the quality of treatment, while continuing to work on eliminating the barriers that prevent patients from accessing mental health and substance use services,” the APA states.

Let’s kick off ConferenceInsider coverage with a quick look at just a few of the APA Annual Meeting must-see sessions: Bracing to Face Unsettling Times ~ A look at the confluence of COVID-19 and mental healthcare disparities.

ConferenceInsider will continue to post session summaries throughout APA’s 2021 virtual annual meeting – delivering the latest developments in mental health right to your email inbox.

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